First, let me explain “niche”. Your own personal niche is where you experience the greatest satisfaction; the place where all of your years of knowledge and experience come together in a supernatural way, for the glory of God, and for the benefit of those around you. Finding your niche is like finding your voice, in songwriting terms. I found my own niche one day a few years ago when I came into agreement with God’s calling on my life, and started a Christian songwriters group in the Seattle area.  What started out as one meeting in a rented college classroom, blossomed into monthly meetings in several locations in the Northwest, plus four live concerts a year, and an awards ceremony.  It was obvious when I answered the call to do this, that it was needed and appreciated, and it would take all the shepherding experience I could muster, to keep the group moving forward to the next grazing pasture. Quality songwriters from every level of experience and discipline then flocked to our meetings, and soon we expanded into an artist agency. It amazed me how this agency, Sound Praise, took off.  We attracted artists and bands of amazing quality and talent, connecting them with churches, the military, county fair dates, and concerts.

At that point, I really felt God’s blessing upon my life, and He used everything I had learned in my life to make my work complete. I take mentoring very seriously, and try to apply the principles taught by Jesus in feeding and caring for the flock.