I became a Christian the summer before my senior year in high school. That changed everything for me. All during high school, I studied with a concert pianist and was accepted at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY, fully expected to embark on a professional music career as a pianist and composer.
But God has His ways of putting my feet on His path, for His purposes. I changed my plans at the last minute, and followed my friends to a Christian college on the West Coast. That decision was one of the best of my life. It was during that time that I began serving on worship teams. I would not trade my years in Gospel music for anything in the world. All through college, I was a church pianist, organist and soloist. I spent every available hour of my life singing for weddings, playing piano and organ for church services and revivals, special occasions and holidays. In my junior year, I was hired on by a local Christian high school , to teach music appreciation, music theory, and be their chorus director. A local radio station gave me a spot on Saturday nights, singing and playing piano live on a Christian program.  I also began another life-long love: serving at rescue missions.  I would go downtown with my accordion in tow, to play requested hymns for their service before dinner.  The favorite requested hymn, then (and now) is “The Old Rugged Cross.”