One Silent Night

One Silent Night Demo Recording





The Christmas Story

Poem By Alex Watson


A broken world waited for a promise unmet,

Centuries past, and most would forget,


But one who was faithful, a virgin unwed

Would soon bear the gift, the angel had said


Doubts would arise, skeptics and lies

“God, may I be faithful,” she silently cries.


The world could not see and may (n)ever believe,

That a Savior be born, that a virgin conceive.


Then one “silent night” the time had drawn near,

The mother then knew, He soon would be here.


A rush to find solace, a warm bed for her rest.

But God knew exactly what would come next.


The Savior so humble has no need for a bed,

But in the cool of the night, lies a manger ahead.


While the world was at rest except shepherds in fields,

Angels descended for a promise fulfilled.


And all in one moment, God gave us His Son,

To rescue the broken, the hurting, the one.