One Silent Night

©️2021 Ann Johnson/Alex Watson

Male Vocal (in F major):

Alternate Versions

Female Vocal (in C major):

Nashville Male Demo (in A major):

Lyrics are adapted from “The Christmas Story” written by Pixel Preacher’s Alex Watson, with music composed by Ann Johnson, founder of Alpha & Omega Christian Songwriters. Alex Watson and Ann Johnson are the sole copyright owners of “One Silent Night” (The Christmas Story)”, ©️2021 Ann Johnson Songs.

The Christmas Story

Poem By Alex Watson

A broken world waited for a promise unmet,

Centuries past, and most would forget,

But one who was faithful, a virgin unwed

Would soon bear the gift, the angel had said

Doubts would arise, skeptics and lies

“God, may I be faithful,” she silently cries.

The world could not see and may (n)ever believe,

That a Savior be born, that a virgin conceive.

Then one “silent night” the time had drawn near,

The mother then knew, He soon would be here.

A rush to find solace, a warm bed for her rest.

But God knew exactly what would come next.

The Savior so humble has no need for a bed,

But in the cool of the night, lies a manger ahead.

While the world was at rest except shepherds in fields,

Angels descended for a promise fulfilled.

And all in one moment, God gave us His Son,

To rescue the broken, the hurting, the one.

“One Silent Night” recounts the struggle of a teen mother in a world of uncertainty and skepticism, and opens with the line, “A broken world waited for a promise unmet”.


Beautifully set to a memorable major/minor blended tune in ¾ time, “One Silent Night” delivers the powerful message of Christmas with a fresh anthemic quality. A subtle connection in the title to a traditional Christmas carol entices the listener’s anticipation to the story we all love to hear again and again. An easy-to-remember melody, with the repetitive hook reinforces the poignant moment of Jesus Christ’s birth.

One Silent Night” is perfect for male solo or duet with piano or guitar accompaniment. The song form is AABABA, which adds vintage familiarity to the senses. Because of the key change, the song is easily adaptable to a duet of two male voices in different ranges.  It also lends perfectly to a single vocalist with a one-octave range. A link to the lead sheet can be found below.  We can also offer you a lead sheet in the keys of G, E, and C, upon request.