In 2003 we moved from Seattle to the East Coast, then to Nashville. While we were there, our daughter began music lessons with some of the greats in the industry, Gary Talley, Phoebe Binkley, Brett Manning and Tom Jackson. While she was learning, so was I. Wanting to know more about songwriting, I became a member of Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).  Their method of conducting meetings, and listening to songwriters is brilliant. The entire culture of the music community in Nashville is second-to-none. I have yet to find a more giving and fun-loving group of people anywhere on earth. In 2010, we moved to Savannah Georgia, and I began songwriting full time. It was like starting my music education all over again, since songwriting is a craft all in its own species.  I joined a local songwriters group on Tybee Island.  I have heard it said that songwriters in Georgia have a special gift for story-telling. I can confirm that is true. You could sit for hours by a campfire and listen to these story-songs. One unique quality is that they frequently write 10 or so verses to their songs, if it helps convey the message. We spent nearly three years in Savannah, and then returned to our home, Seattle.